Dried Pandan Leaves 15g


Helps in lower blood sugar level · Manages Diabetes Symptoms

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This Dry Pandan Leaf Sealed Pack comes in handy when you need it for Tea or cooking dessert use.
✅ Hygenic Packing
✅ No Pesticide
✅ No Preservative
✅ Local Plant

Pandan Scientifically known as Pandanus Amaryllifolius, it’s a tropical plant in the Pandanus (screwpine) genus.
– Known for its bright green appearance and sweet fragrant smell
-Leaves have a hint of rose, almond and vanilla flavour

Pandan has laxative properties, and its leaves can act as a pain reliever for:
– Headache
– Ear pain
– Stomach spasms (due to inflammation & infection)
– Chest pain
– Arthritis

How to use
– Add to Tong Shui / Desserts to make it more fragrant
– Add Hot water, drink as Tea
– Add to Rice to cook become Pandan fragrant Rice
– Put inside a Tea Filter bag, Store inside Car to prevent odor

Pack Size : 15cm x 22cm