Rose Longan Jujube Tea


10 packs of flower tea good for present, Office use or travelling.

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Each Set contain 10 packs of Tea packs
– Kraft Box Size : Length 24.7cm x Width 9.5cm x Height 5cm
– Flower Box Size : Length 21.8cm x Width 9cm x Height 5.6cm
– Kraft Bag Size : Height 20cm x Width 15cm x Depth 8cm

Rose Longan Jujube Tea [ 玫瑰桂圆红枣茶 ]
Can regulate hormone, replenish Qi and blood and beautifies skin

**You will get 10 packs come with your choice of Box/Bag

Notes :
– Drink during day time after meal
– Do not repeat drink same type of flower tea everyday. Swap drink different flower tea.
– Not suitable for pregnant ladies & children below 3 years old.
– Not suitable to drink when you are on period.



How to prepare the tea :
– Cut the pack, pour in the ingredients to a 200 ml size mug, pour in hot water, cover the mug with lid, wait for 5 minutes. Repeat refill with hot water until the tea becomes tasteless.

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Dimensions 22 × 18 × 10 cm

White Kraft Bag, Brown Kraft Box, Flower Box